Boat Flooring Installers Near Me

Posted on May 19, 2022
TT Custom Marine, Inc.

TT Custom Marine, Inc..

Aquatraction Advanced Marine Flooring

Aquatraction Advanced Marine Flooring.

TT Custom Marine, Inc.

TT Custom Marine, Inc..

Cheap Affordable EVA Boat Decking ( SeaDek - Aqua Traction )

For everyone that owns a boat and really wants to have SeaDek, AquaTraction, or similar product professionally installed .... but doesn't want to spend the $3,000.00 - $4,000.00 that it costs to outfit a fishing vessel with these products. This is my 15'6" StealthCraft Big Horn Skiff. I guide clients out of this boat 4 sometimes 5 times a week , 8 months out of the year. So it gets a lot of use and while musky fishing every stands up all day. This EVA Deck Foam provides relief for your feet and spine, it provides grip while walking or while the boat is in motion, and it dampens the noise made when baits are dropped or while we walk around, not to mention it also looks GREAT! So I found this product on Amazon for anywhere between $60-115 for a ~30x90" Sheet. Here's a quick video outlining the install and I will check back with y'all in a few months to update on how well this product has held up to the constant use and abuse!
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TT Custom Marine, Inc.

Marine flooring options - Marine Fabricator

Marine flooring options - Marine Fabricator.



Interior Boat Flooring — Wood Line Productions

Interior Boat Flooring — Wood Line Productions.

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